We offer Sunbrella Sheers in two beautiful styles. Sheer Mist is a finer open weave construction (4.1 ounces per square yard) with a wispier and very soft drape to the fabric. This sheer permits light to pass but retains an element of privacy. Shadow Sheer is a heavier more luxurious sheer construction (6.5 ounces per square yard) with a soft and draping hand that delivers excellent shading and privacy attributes while also allowing light to pass through. Both patterns are constructed of solution dyed acrylic yarns providing ease of cleaning, long life even under the harshest sun exposed environments, breathability, fade resistance, mildew resistance, stain resistance, minimal shrinkage, minimal stretching and fast drying. Great for use inside the home or outdoors as an architectural embellishment for a cabana or tent structure. Sunbrella Sheers provides the perfect romantic touch to your home.