Traditionally sailcloth was made from flax (linen), hemp or cotton. Sunbrella Sailcloth beautifully mimics the much-loved soft nubby hand woven appearance of traditional old-fashioned sailcloth that is a prime reason for its popularity. It is a great choice for the most elegant furniture applications within the home or excellent for below deck boat interiors. This style is also soft and pliable for draperies or curtains and sturdy enough for the patio umbrella. Tote bags, cushions, roman shades or slipcovers are other excellent applications for Sailcloth. Sailcloth is UV resistant, mildew resistant, breathable, fade resistant, stain resistant, passes 15K double rubs and has minimal shrinkage or stretching. Cleaning is a breeze. Simply brush off loose dirt and wash with a mild soap and lukewarm water solution. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. Enjoy the same warranty as all other 54” furniture grade Sunbrella fabrics.