Commonly Asked Questions

The Sunbrella® advantage starts with great design. Every year new jacquard, solid, stripe and textured designs are added by the manufacturer of Sunbrella, Glen Raven Mills, to reflect the changing home and boat fashion trends of today. Furniture Canvas 5402 Granite is an example of a new addition this year that caters to the demand for gray as a fashionable neutral to splash color against. Likewise, designs that have run their course over time are dropped from the line. Popular core solid colors are kept as they represent color and design that is timeless. A good example is the 6001 Marine Canvas Pacific Blue, which is a longtime favorite of boat owners. Boat covers in this fabric can be seen prominently in harbors around the world.
All Sunbrella fabrics are designed to stand up to the elements and to resist stains, but awning & marine fabrics have a stiffer finish and are heavier (9 oz.) to help them maintain their shape. They also have a heavier finish that makes them ideal for the golf cart top or home awning that is affixed to the awning frame. Awning and marine fabrics have a 5-year warranty. (See warranty on home page)
Sunbrella upholstery fabrics are softer and more comfortable (7 oz.), yet are fade resistant, durable and easy to clean even with bleach. They have a 3-year warranty. (See warranty on home page) They are a great choice for your golf cart seating, patio cushions, umbrellas & shower curtains.
Yes they can however they are not the ideal choice. The main drawback is they are heavier and stiffer than the furniture upholstery grade fabrics and don’t allow for easy fabrication of a cushion. This stiffness is a result of a heavier resin finish applied to the awning/marine grade fabrics. This finishing process also makes mark-off appear more prominently. Mark-off are white scuffmarks that develop when an object scrapes across the surface of the fabric. They extra resin applied in the finishing show these marks. They tend to diminish over time can be an unsatisfactory result for many customers.
Absolutely! Sunbrella furniture upholstery fabric is perfect for every room in your home. It will withstand the kids grape juice spills during the day and the red wine oops at the grown up dinner party that night. Sounds to good to be true but you really do get this high performance cleaning protection and don’t lose the beauty, softness and suppleness of the fabric in the bargain. Sunbrella upholstery fabric is a perfect choice for draperies in any room. Not only does it drape beautifully but also has lasting protection against fading so the drapes don’t necessarily have to be lined. Great for the high use family room sofa or breakfast nook bench seat. Check our fabric-cleaning guide to see how easy coffee or orange juice can be cleaned off the seat cushion. Please browse our selection for the most formal areas of the home to the most casual. There are fabrics for every room. Try creating a palette that will transition easily across both your indoor and outdoor spaces. Remember Sunbrella fabrics let you enjoy your home without worrying about the inevitable messes so you can breathe easy.
You’ll find Sunbrella fabrics for every boating need above and below deck. Sunbrella has been a top choice for boating enthusiasts for many years because the fabrics are fade and mildew resistant, easy to clean and durable enough to withstand even the harshest marine environments. That's because its rich color is an integral part of the fiber and can't be washed away or bleached out by the sun, rain or chlorine. Rest assured your boat cover will look fabulous nautical mile after mile. Above Deck: We recommend Sunbrella marine fabric for bimini tops, dodgers, enclosures and sail covers. These fabrics are engineered to withstand the onslaught of the sun, wind, rain and even saltwater spray. Below Deck: Sunbrella upholstery/furniture fabrics are ideal for cushions and other decorative touches in the cockpit and Sunbrella solids, stripes and jacquards will make your boat as inviting and comfortable as your living room at home. If your boat gets a lot of hard use, like a fishing boat, consider a heavy-duty Sunbrella selection like a canvas or sailcloth. Or if your boat is more for leisure, you might like to incorporate decorative jacquards or textures. These fabrics are not only soft and beautiful; they are also easy to clean, fast drying and resistant to mildew. Every boater knows the effects of mildew in close quarters. That’s why Sunbrella is the perfect choice for this application since it’s breathable fabric, which will not mildew like cotton fabrics. These are all important qualities for a comfortable cabin. No matter what type of boat you're looking to style, there's a perfect Sunbrella fabric for you.
Sunbrella fabric is water repellant since a water repellent finishing agent as been applied to the fabric during the finishing process. Sunbrella fabric is NOT waterproof. The water repellency diminishes over time with normal usage. Products on the market like Apco and 303 products can be purchased and applied to the fabric to reinforce the water repellency.
For the same reasons Sunbrella is right for your boat or home it is the best choice for RV. Great design, long lasting, fade resistant for your RV awnings, breathable fabric and won’t mildew for comfortable living in those close spaces. Clean up is a breeze with just a bit of soap and water and a brush that can be easily stored in your RV unit.
Pacific Outdoor Fabrics only stocks and sells the Sunbrella fabric that is used as a component of many products, such as furniture, cushions, awnings, umbrellas, boat tops and more. However, we do not manufacture or sell any of these products.
After you have clicked on the thumbnail picture of your fabric of interest, you will notice a Suggested Coordinates tab. Simply click on this coordinate tab, and will see the upholstery, drapery fabric coordinates and awning fabric coordinates that we recommend pairing with your selected fabric.
These can be ordered on our products details page once you have clicked on the fabric/s of your choice.
Cushions made of Sunbrella fabric are durable enough to stay outside through the winter, but if you want to store them to ensure that they are clean and ready for use on that first warm spring day, you should store your cushions with care. While Sunbrella fabrics do not promote the growth of mold or mildew, these microorganisms can feed on dirt and debris on the fabric surface. For this reason, we recommend that you clean and thoroughly dry your cushions before storage. Begin by brushing off leaves, twigs, pollen and other surface debris. Any remaining stains can usually be removed with mild, soapy water and a soft brush or cloth. If there are more stubborn stains, add bleach to the cleaning solution. Finally, allow your cushions to thoroughly air-dry before storing in a dry place for the winter. For detailed cleaning instructions, visit our fabric-cleaning guide on our home page
Due to the nature of Sunbrella fiber, it will not accept dyes. Sunbrella is not dyed in the conventional sense that most of us think of dyeing. In fact, dyes are not used at all. Highly UV-resistant pigments are mixed in before it even becomes a fiber. Fiber is then cut, baled, blended, spun into yarn and woven into fabric. This solution-dyed process is what makes Sunbrella fade resistant and bleach cleanable.
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